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"DV's Louie Voutton" ( DNA on file with AKC

Bred, Born & raised by us!


This is our handsome little black and tan male Louie. He is 5.2 pounds and is the sweetest baby boy ever. He was out of one of our breedings. He has us wrapped around his paw :)  He has his DNA on file with AKC. His bloodlines include: Pombreden's, Wee Hearts,White havens, Showin's, Backwoods, Pomangels,Gemini and Lenette. He is parti factored and throws puppies in all colors including: black and tans, blues, oranges, reds, whites, partis, & tri partis. He has the short wide muzzle that gives him the teddy bear face, and never ceases to amaze us with the puppies he produces. His daddy was our foundation male and Louie is sure following in his footsteps.


"DV's Panda Bear of Cherubacres


Panda is a gorgeous black and tan tri parti. He comes from excellent bloodlines and a lot of color. His mom is a black and silver and daddy is a chocolate parti.  Some of his bloodlines include: Finch, Royal-Tees, Great Elms, Chriscendo, Lenette, and Millamors. He produces gorgeous small babies in an array of colors and with wonderful conformation!

"DV's Kickin' The Dust Up"


Meet Siggy! He is our dream come true! He is an AKC registered with many champions in his pedigree. His bloodlines include: Allstars, Star Havens, Showins, Chelanes, Finch, Wee Hearts, Beau James, Southlands, Bravos, and AJ’s.  He has one eye that is solid blue and his other eye is partially blue. He is perfect in every way. Gorgeous merle markings with vibrant tan. He not only is beautiful to look at but has an awesome and the most loving personality. We are so excited about the future with this handsome boy!

"DV's Teddy Rupxin"


We are very proud of this little boy that was produced here. His mom is Gracie and daddy is Louie. He has a great pedigree, wonderful conformation, and that to die for teddy bear face! We look forward to what he will do for our breeding program. Teddy has a wonderful personality in addition to his looks!

"DV's Clouds in my Coffee"


Bailey is a upcoming stud hopeful! He is gorgeous deep chocolate tri parti. His dam is our Gemma and his sire is our Louie. He has an outstanding pedigree with a lot of color!

"DV's Carbon Copy"


Meet Junior aka our baby Louie!  This little boy was produced here. We are so very proud of him and hope that he will be a daddy for us in the future. His dam is our Eva and his sire is our Louie. He is a gorgeous black and silver tiny baby boy at 3.5 pounds. We can't wait to see how he turns out!

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