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~Dolce Vita’s Deposit and Sales Contract~
Ashley Hodgson and Dean Schumacher
(904) 535-7124
Jacksonville, FL
Email: [email protected]

This contract of sale is for a Pomeranian puppy between Buyer__________________________________ and Breeders (Ashley Hodgson and Dean Schumacher) of Blessed with Pomeranians.
Buyers Name ______________________________________
Buyers Telephone Number (___) ______________________
Buyers E-mail Address ______________________________
Color of Said Puppy _________________
Sex   __________
Whelping Date  _____________
Dam's Name    __________________________    
Sire’s Name   ___________________________
Date puppy will be ready to go _________________________
* The buyer named above has placed a (Non-Refundable) deposit for the above Pomeranian in the amount of $______________. Unless the puppy does not pass their Florida health certificate.
Puppy Purchase Price ___$_          _ US Dollars
The remaining balance of $_ _______ must be paid in cash. We will not release a puppy without full payment.

The follow conditions and guarantees apply to this sale:
* Breeder agrees to deliver said puppy to buyer with a record of medical history. Breeder also guarantees puppy to be healthy at the time of sale to the best of seller’s knowledge. Puppy will come with a Florida health certificate and all shots and de worming’s up to date.

*The buyer has 72 hours from the day they receive their new Pom to have a licensed Veterinarian exam the Pom for life threatening illness (at buyer’s costs). If your Pomeranian is found to have a life threatening illness during the 72-hour health guarantee time, the buyer must notify the breeder within 24 hours of the diagnosis with the following information: 1.) Date of exam 2.) Name, address, city, state, phone number of the licensed Veterinarian that examined the Pom 3. Diagnosis and all medical records. If the buyer decides to have the Pom treated and not return the Pom back to the breeder within the 72 hour guarantee time, the buyer will be responsible for all medical costs and this guarantee becomes void. If the buyer returns the Pom, all of the above requested information must be provided as well as AKC registration papers and all shipping charges will be the responsibility of the buyer. Under no circumstances will the breeder be responsible for
any Veterinary bills incurred or shipping/delivery costs.

*The breeder will then have their Veterinarian exam the Pom and if the breeder’s Veterinarian agrees with the diagnosis of a life threatening illness, the breeder will replace the Pomeranian with another Pom of the same value when one becomes available "and replacement is the only option, we do not give cash refunds". If the Pom does not have any of the above mentioned life threatening conditions the buyer may take the Pomeranian back, if the buyer declines no replacement Pom or refund will be given.
*The breeder does not guarantee the color, size, breeding or show quality of the Pomeranian. This 72-hour health guarantee does not cover: A dislike in the Pomeranian, coat as they are all different, allergies, landlord issues, hypoglycemia, bite, patellas, trachea, open fontanel (common in toy breeds) undescended testicles (some testicles may not drop until six months of age), hernia, parasites, accidents that may happen on the buyer’s premises, Coccidia which may be caused from stress of a new home, change of food and water and is treatable. This guarantee DOES NOT cover "Anything that is treatable and that will not cause death". After the 72-hour health guarantee expires this sale is final.

*Buyer understands that seller has first right of refusal if buyer at any time decides they do not want the puppy/dog. There will be NO cash refund! We want our Pomeranians in the best loving homes and if the buyer for any reason cannot or does not want the puppy/dog he/she is to come back to us. Breach of these terms on re-homing the puppy with any of the above will result in a $5,000.00 penalty for liquidated damages. Should any litigation ever arise concerning this animal, jurisdiction, attorney’s fees, and venue for any suit shall be filed by buyer or seller shall be in the state of Florida, in my county of Duval (Jacksonville, FL). This agreement is complete between the buyer and seller. No promises or guaranties are made unless contained herein in writing. Buyer waives all implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. The only warranties given are those expressly set out herein. Buyer realizes in signing this, that
this is a Legal and Binding Document.

If by some reason, legal action were to be taken against Blessed with Pomeranians, it must be taken up in my state (Florida) at my district court house Duval County. Thank you.

This contract contains the entire agreement between the parties and no statement or verbal agreements made by either party that are not contained in this written contract shall be valid or binding. This contract may not be modified or altered except in writing and signed by both parties. Violations of this contract will constitute breach of contract.

This contract has been read by both parties and signatures below shows agreement.  Buyer recognized there is a Florida's Pet Law, Section 829.29 Florida Statutes and Buyer agrees to accept this contract as a waiver to the Statute.  Seller warrants this dog to be free of parasites, in good health and has been started on an inoculation program, which record is being provided to Buyer.

I have read and understand the stipulations of the contract and voluntarily agree to all elements, stipulations and provisions herein.

Breeder Signature ____________________________Date__/__/____ (Ashley Hodgson)

Breeder Signature_____________________________Date__/__/____ (Dean Schumacher)

Buyer's Signature ____________________________Date__/__/_____ (________________)

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