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Puppy Viewing Policy

We have always allowed puppy buyers to come to our home to choose their new baby. But there have been several events lately that have made us change our thinking on our policy of home visits. We know that this new policy may upset some people but through experience this is the best way we can manage peace of mind when it comes to our dogs.

First of all, we are not running a business. We are very small hobby breeders and have only a few litters a year. We have decided to not allow strangers in our home anymore for the sake of privacy and safety of our family which includes our dogs.

We have many good reasons for our decision.

Puppies are very susceptible to disease even the most casual contact. We do everything in our power to keep our puppies completely in a sanitary environment and disease free.

We also have thought about insurance issues. Since we are not a kennel or boarding facility. This is our home, meeting at a mutual location protects everyone from minor lawsuits. Such as a child getting hurt while at our home.

We have outside jobs, our dogs are not our income but they are our family and are what we enjoy very much.

Even more upsetting some breeders have had their home robbed or even been personally assaulted all because they had a puppy for sale and allowed someone into their home that they did not know. There have even been cases of breeders loosing their life simply because they let a stranger in their home.

It is not worth it to us; we would rather lose a sale than lose our dogs or our life. We meet all of our potential puppy buyers at a safe public place for both parties. If you have an issue with this we understand. This is just not a risk we are willing to take. It is not worth it.

We have no issue bringing mom and dad to a mutual location so that new families can see the parents.

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